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Prayers and Mantras
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Cleansing   Removing Unwanted Connections   To Remove Old Thought Patterns

Cleansing Mantra: This simple mantra can be used anywhere at anytime. It can also be modified to cleanse your magical items, antiques, homes, businesses and more.

"I cleanse, clear and remove from myself any and all negative energies, any dross or disharmonic energies, any energies being thought about me or sent to me that are contrary to what I am creating for myself. I cut them off, here and now, under grace and perfect ways, and transmute them to perfect and beneficial forms for the highest good and joy of all. I fill myself with the gifts of peace, love, joy, health and wealth. So mote it be."

Mantra to remove unwanted connections:

"In the name of the GOD I AM, I sever all ties, cords and connections with ________ on the emotional planes. I hereby cut off and remove from me any energies not of my making."

Mantra to remove unwanted thought patterns:

"In the name of the GOD I AM, I clear and cleanse myself of all dross and disharmonic energies, all programming that conflicts with my highest good, all ideas and thought patterns which may interfere with my spiritual evolution. I transmute these energies to perfect and beneficial forms and release them to their proper dimension."